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Announcing the Launch of White Desert World

The pioneers of luxury travel, White Desert, has announced the launch of another iconic guest experience, White Desert World.White Desert

Seizing on their award-winning expertise in exploring hard to reach destinations, White Desert World will offer extraordinary opportunities for unique, adventure travel. The first adventure to be announced is an epic 21-day journey that will take guests to 10 iconic destinations, across seven continents: spanning the globe from fabled Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific, ending in the icy wilderness of Antarctica.

The journey will be as diverse as it is luxurious. Drawing on two decades of adventure travel as well as aviation and luxury hospitality expertise, the team have hand-picked each destination. Co-Founder and CEO of White Desert, Patrick Woodhead explains “These countries have been chosen because they are unusual, many are hard to reach destinations and they all epitomise the height of adventure without sacrificing a luxurious experience.”

Starting in Mexico City, guests will then travel to Colombia, Easter Island, Fiji, Borneo, India, Turkey, Namibia, South Africa and will finish the journey with White Desert’s signature trip – into Antarctica. In fact, guests will have the choice of two endings to this incredible journey. Guests can choose either White Desert Antarctica’s ‘Greatest Day’ trip into the 7th Continent where they will have a few hours on ice or a chance to extend their stay for a further five days in Antarctica before flying back to Cape Town (numbers strictly limited).

White Desert World will focus on offering authentic, local experiences and highlights will include Caribbean cooking in Cartagena, a graffiti street art tour of Getsemani and a sailing trip to Club de Pesca for a night of rum, chocolate and salsa music. Other activities will include sampling the best food and drink offerings, experiencing epic street parties and the opportunity to join in with local traditions. These will be coupled with off-the-beaten track city tours, bustling market visits, and collaborations with artisans and musicians; while expert guides will offer guests an adventure of a lifetime.

Guests will travel around the world in a unique Boeing 757-200 set up in a private configuration with 50 lie-flat seats. All air operations will endeavour to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) where possible and the White Desert World journey will be fully off-set. Indeed, White Desert have been carbon neutral since 2007 and this is an important tenet of all of their operations. White Desert are currently implementing a seagrass meadow planting project, which will help them be even more progressive in their sustainability and conservation efforts.

White Desert World’s 7 Continent Adventure is available for a maximum of 50 guests and will take place from 10th – 31st January 2024. White Desert World’s team will be travelling alongside the group and experienced local guides will be supporting on the ground in each destination. Prices start from USD178,000 per person, with a supplement for an Antarctic extension starting from USD32,000 per person.

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