Hawaii Life appoints new Vice President and Co-Owner

Hawaiʻi Life, the leading residential real estate brokerage in the state of Hawaii, is pleased to announce the appointment ofKahea Zietz Kahea Zietz to the position of vice president and co-owner. This new role accentuates her specialized expertise in overseeing the firm’s wide-ranging rental services, which include both short-term vacation rentals and long-term residential leasing, in addition to property management.

A Milestone in Leadership

Zietz has been an integral part of Hawai‘i Life since the company started its rental business in 2010, two years after the firm’s inception. She was responsible for the creation and exponential growth of this new business line, expanding it from zero to more than 700 rentals across the state. While her operational role will continue in its existing capacity, her new co-ownership status represents a significant milestone, adding even greater weight to her ongoing contributions to the company’s vision and future growth.

“Kahea isn’t just stepping into a new role; it marks an important stage in her enduring commitment and positive impact on Hawai‘i Life. This move signals exciting collective milestones ahead,” said Matt Beall, CEO of Hawai‘i Life.

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Amplified Commitment to Local Ownership and Global Presence

While Hawai‘i Life remains staunchly independent, locally owned, and operated, it is also a founding member and co-owner of Forbes Global Properties. Kahea’s elevation to co-ownership aligns with Hawai‘i Life’s global and local standing, promising an enhanced fiduciary responsibility and an even higher level of service, assurance and responsibility to property owners, guests and sales team. Hawai‘i Life is responsible for over 700 rental properties, with more than 50 property managers, 335 brokers and agents across 24 offices throughout Hawai‘i.

Strategic Alignment for Future Growth

“Kahea’s co-ownership is a crucial element in a larger organizational transformation aimed at strategic and mindful expansion. Her involvement paves the way for new growth avenues and strategic partnerships,” added Beall.

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