Benefits of wireless electronic door locks for hotels

wireless electronic door locksTravelers need to know that they will be safe when staying at your hotel. With the number of solo female travelers increasing sixfold since the pandemic’s beginning, there is an increased need to provide a feeling of security and safety.

So, what can you do to increase guests’ feeling of safety while staying at your hotel?

Read on for the ultimate guide to electronic door locks and the benefits of wireless electronic door locks for hotels. Your guests are under your protection while staying at your hotel, and you have a certain level of responsibility to make them feel safe and secure.

What types of door locks are there?

To understand why wireless electronic door locks make such an excellent choice for securing hotel rooms and facilities, we must first understand the vulnerabilities of other door locking methods. The types of door locks you can choose from include:

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  • Traditional physical keys and locks – standard keys can cause quite a few issues regarding hotel security, as they are difficult and costly to replace should they go missing, and people can pick locks. Since theft is one of guests’ significant fears when staying at a hotel, physical locks can cause concern.
  • Keypad locks – keypad locks are helpful as they do not require any kind of key. Although, you will be required to change the pin between guests to prevent criminals from knowing the codes. In addition, guests may forget their pin, or unauthorized persons may become aware of the pin.

Modern security technology has facilitated wireless electronic door locks for hotels that can be opened using keycards and mobile credentials. This removes the risks of lockpicking and prevents unauthorized users from being privy to access codes. Let’s dive deeper into this advanced door locking technology and some of the benefits you can gain by installing wireless electronic door locks in your hotel.

To help your guests feel safer and more protected while traveling, you should encourage them to obtain travel insurance and point them towards resources that provide helpful information and advice on travel insurance.

Benefits of wireless electronic door locks for hotels

Wireless electronic door locks provide easier ways for hotels to secure rooms, increase staff productivity, and make guests feel more secure. Here are some of the top benefits of installing an access control solution in hotels. 


Perhaps one of the clearest benefits of installing electronic door locks in a hotel is increased security. Electronic door locks can help to improve security operations in the following ways:

  • Remote operations – your staff will be able to access information from the front desk, meaning that your staff will notice unauthorized entry attempts more quickly. Your team will also enable and disable access remotely from the front desk without having to send a member of staff to intervene.
  • Integrations – your door locks can be integrated with other security features such as a video camera feed, allowing easier identification of potential security incidents. Having video analytics will also make it possible for alerts to be triggered when incidents occur so that security staff will monitor the security feed more effectively.
  • Knowing where your guests are – in the event of an emergency evacuation, you will have a detailed account of the location of all guests to ensure that nobody is left inside the building.

Monitoring security feed and access information for larger hotels would be unachievable using traditional door locks. However, with an electronic wireless door locking system, you can better manage larger systems for increased security. Centralized platforms are becoming increasingly popular in the hotel industry to allow operations on one interface, and integrating your hotel security systems can help you centralize your operations.

Staff productivity

Being able to grant access to hotel rooms remotely allows you to grant employees access to rooms for maintenance, cleaning, and other services without traveling to their location and unlocking the door. This means that cleaning and maintenance staff and hotel desk staff will complete tasks more quickly.

Guest convenience

If your guests have been traveling for quite some time, they will not want to wait in a queue to check in to your hotel. Having wireless electronic door locks allows your guests to check in and out using their mobile devices, which will then become their keycard. 

During the check-in process, you can also implement guest surveys to provide a more detailed and complete picture of guest satisfaction at your hotel.

The use of mobile registration will also prevent your staff from becoming overwhelmed during check-in and check-out times.

Smart operating systems

You can integrate your hotel’s innovative technology with access control to ensure that the lights and electricity turn on when your guests enter their rooms and turn off when they leave the room. This can help you significantly decrease your hotel’s monthly costs while making your hotel more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Occupancy management

With occupancy management software, you can gain an understanding of the utility of your hotel’s amenities. Occupancy management software can integrate with internal door locks to provide data that details how much your amenities are used and which times of day are busiest. 

Having this information at hand will help you to determine if any amenities must be replaced with ones more suited to your guests’ needs. For instance, if you have a cafe area on site that is hardly used, the space can be repurposed and transformed into spa facilities, a bar, or a restaurant. Occupancy management can help you to adapt your business and make it more appealing to your patrons.

In addition to this, occupancy management can help eliminate overcrowding in your hotel, restricting access to areas at full capacity. For pool and exercise areas, this can prevent hazards and help your guests have a pleasant experience during their stay.

Save with technology

The possibilities are endless with wireless electronic door locks. Installing wireless door locks in your hotel will allow you to make operations more convenient for both staff and guests, and you will be able to integrate door locks with other smart technologies. Your hotel will be more secure, and you will cut operational costs.


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