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Palazzo Daniele unveils exclusive NEW home goods collection on Maison Flaneur

Palazzo Daniele
Images by Palazzo Daniele

PALAZZO DANIELE by CICILEU x MAISON FLÂNEUR – Palazzo Daniele, the eleven-room luxury hotel housed in a 163-year-old family palazzo in Salento, Puglia has recently partnered with CICILEU, an organization dedicated to empowering artisans by rediscovering handmade objects of the past; remixing, revitalizing, and recontextualizing them to thrive in today’s environment, and Maison Flâneur, a marketplace showcasing the best in authentic, globally sourced homeware.

Together they have embarked on a mutual partnership to champion generations of disappearing craftsmanship and uplift hyperlocal Apulian artisans who have crafted a collection of soulful pieces, emblematic of the overall essence of the Palazzo and the heart of Puglia, a region steeped in artisanal heritage.

Delving deep into the soul of Palazzo Daniele, a hotel concept created by GS Collection founder Gabriele Salini, together with CICILEU Co-founder and Creative Director Martina Pinto Bonomo and handpicked local artisans, they have customized traditional crafts by infusing them with elements unearthed from the residence, creating an array of memorable pieces reflecting its essence. The objects are available for purchase in the CICILEU boutique within the hotel, in Palazzo Daniele’s new, specially curated marketplace or online at their exclusive partners: Maison Flâneur. Diverse pieces range from: terracotta jars traditionally used to store dried figs which have been dipped in mustard & pistachio glaze and transformed into honey thyme scented candles created to evoke the atmosphere of Palazzo Daniele; handmade cotton swimwear embroidered by the precious hands of local women; the iconic Brocca Gallo rooster pitcher in full aubergine; and Schizzo plates with a melanzana-mustard splatter makeover. Acanto-like leaves found within the Palazzo’s original frescoes are reimagined as metal sconces and ashtrays, and vegetable fiber baskets handwoven by the last artisan to master this specific craft cradle crisp linen towels perfect for sunset dips. Emulating the feeling of lounging by the Palazzo’s Black Pool, guests can now bring home high handle galvanized steel trays used for bearing aperitivos on property as your first welcome into the Palazzo.

These special pieces, and more, live within the Palazzo’s everyday rhythm and can be found at the CICILEU boutique inside the hotel or online; a sprinkle of Palazzo Daniele’s spirit and CICILEU’s artisans’ magic ready to enchant your homes. This year, a new dimension is added with the exclusive partnership with Maison Flâneur, the online destination showcasing the very best homeware from all over the world, including far-flung and off-the-radar destinations, where the collection will transcend into a virtual realm. Maison Flâneur puts homeware into the context of today’s culture, allowing customers to find valuable connections with the things they buy.

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“We are thrilled to be partnering with CICILEU, a young company with a mission close to our heart of supporting local artisans by reinventing professions and productions at risk of extinction, and Maison Flanêur for this unique collection from the heart of Puglia. We have created a boutique of one-of-a-kind objects now available on Maison Flâneur to showcase these incredible talents to the world. We say here at Palazzo Daniele ‘questa casa non è un albergo’ or ‘this house is not a hotel,’ and we are overjoyed to have you bring a piece of our home into yours.” – Gabriele Salini, Founder of GS Collection

Palazzo Daniele, the eleven-room, 163-year-old aristocratic haven nestled in the under-the-radar village of Gagliano del Capo has always kept local art and artisans at the forefront of its ethos. Formerly the home of art philanthropist Francesco Petrucci, Palazzo Daniele has been meticulously reshaped and reimagined by GS Collection and design studio Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, resulting in a majestic yet minimalist one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. Through Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba’s vision of “exalting the void” to free the existing spaces from their conventional functions, Palazzo Daniele has created a dramatic canvas for the Palazzo’s growing contemporary art collection. Palazzo Daniele now highlights the sanctity of absence that allows artists to create new works, a sort of macro-scale atelier, bringing the past to life and filling it with the future. This belief is in perfect harmony with CICILEU’s mission to revitalize handmade objects of profound legacy by emphasizing their invaluable identity in order to sustainably thrive.

Through this collaboration, Palazzo Daniele, CICILEU, and Maison Flâneur unite in their missions to shine light on the invaluable treasure that is tradition and craftsmanship. Together, they aim to pave the way for future generations to embrace a heritage-rich future.

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