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Club Med launches global event to boost China inbound tourism market

Club Med
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Club Med, the leading brand of “Premium All-inclusive” vacations, hosted its Lijiang Resort’s first global event with the theme of “Dancing with Yulong (Jade Dragon)”.

With the implementation of China’s favorable inbound tourism policies and the gradual recovery of the global tourism market, Club Med welcomes overseas guests to China to enjoy the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes, vibrant urban scenes, and diverse local lifestyles as well as experiencing hospitality and kindness from Chinese people.

Around 100 tourism trade partners and media from different markets were invited to this global event, including Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan region, SingaporeMalaysiaThailand, Korea, Vietnam and Belgium, during which they paid visits to Club Med Guilin and Lijiang resorts respectively, experiencing the unique charm of China.

Visitors at Guilin Resort were deeply impressed by the natural beauty of the Li River and the integration of modern art and cultural landscapes. Upon their arriving, G.Os (Great Organizers), the DNA of Club Med, dressed in ethnic costumes as “eastern dragons”, warmly welcomed them in a Chinese manner.

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At Lijiang Resort, guests experienced a wide range of activities both within and outside the resort. They saw the breathtaking sight of the sunrise over the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, took a stroll through Baisha Ancient Town (the World Cultural Heritage), appreciated the traditional art of Naxi tie dye and learned about the Dongba script, which is the only existed pictographic writing system throughout the world. What’s more, Discovery, a product series of Club Med excursion, includes the traveling route not only in Lijiang, but Kunming, Dali, and Shangri-La. Guests from SingaporeBangkok and Hong Kong SAR can enjoy direct flights from their respective cities to Lijiang and Kunming, providing them with convenient access to the diverse exploration itineraries that Club Med offers in the destination.

Club Med presented China’s diverse tourism resources by integrating its “Premium All-Inclusive” package with the natural landscapes, local culture, and leisure activities, uplifting interest among global guests to visit the unique destinations in China.


Currently, Club Med operates 10 resorts in China. Lijiang and Guilin resorts are two iconic destinations. Another three mountain resorts which located in Changbaishan, Beidahu and Yabuli, provide the professional skiing facilities, instructions and diverse snow activities, making Club Med a popular destination during winter season in China.

In 2018, a new product line of “Club Med Joyview” was launched in China, offering premium short-distance trips with resorts located in Anji, Yanqing Beijing, and Thousand Island. In 2023, another new product line specifically designed for Chinese urban families of “Club Med Urban Oasis” was unveiled, including Nanjing Xianlin and Jiangsu Taicang resorts, marking a new chapter of urban vacations.

The surge in overseas tourist arrivals can be attributed to the implementation of visa exemption policies and the recent introduction of several measures aimed at simplifying entry procedures.  The data shows that from March 29th to 31st, 2024, inbound guests accounted for 70% of the guests at Club Med Guilin Resort.  By embracing a development strategy that integrates internationalization with localization, Club Med has successfully attracted a significant number of overseas guests through the deliberate selection of its destinations, thereby contributing to the growth of China’s leisure vacation market. The unique “Premium All-inclusive” vacation, International G.O team, new upgraded Mini Club Med +, renowned French cuisine, diverse local activities and exciting evening entertainment, such a hassle-free vacation, is favorable for visitors not only to enjoy the beauty of China’s scenery and cultural charm, but also conducive to maintaining the characteristics of Club Med, a global lifestyle holiday brand – That’s l’Esprit Libre.


According to the “China Outbound Tourism Development Report (2023-2024)” released by the China Tourism Academy, with the increasing momentum of the tourism market in China and the growing willingness of residents to travel abroad, it is predicted that the number of outbound tourists in 2024 will reach 130 million. Currently, Club Med operates nearly 70 resorts in 26 countries and regions worldwide. As a leisure lifestyle holiday brand that offers both “inbound” and “outbound” tourism products, Club Med provides global guests with high-quality, “Premium All-inclusive” vacation options.

In anticipation of the upcoming peak tourism season, Club Med has taken a series of proactive steps to promote outbound travel among domestic guests. The promotion, “Early Bird Booking Helps Enjoy a More Carefree Vacation”, has been commenced on March 26th, offering discounts of up to 30%. In this promotion, the guests can select their room types, enjoy worry-free cancellations up to 30 days before the trip and have greater flexibility accommodation during public holidays. This campaign aims to create a “two-way journey” for both Chinese and oversea guests.

Andrew Xu, CEO of Club Med China, expressed: “we are thrilled to utilize this global brand event as a showcase for our resorts and the beautiful destinations in China to media and travelers worldwide. It’s with great pleasure that our business receives continuous growth. Club Med hosted over 1.5 million guests worldwide in 2023. Our mountain resorts in China have seen an 84% business volume increase for the 2023-2024 ski season compared to 2018-2019. The business volume in the Club Med Chinese market for the first two months of 2024 surged by 74% compared to the same period last year. With a robust demand for skiing and summer vacations across all regions, we anticipate a sustained increase in bookings throughout 2024. China is one of Club Med’s most crucial markets. Leveraging Club Med’s global channels and resources, and supported by favorable entry and exit policies, we welcome more overseas guests to China. Simultaneously, we encourage more Chinese consumers to venture abroad, embarking on wonderful journeys with Club Med.”

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