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Finland further tightens entry rules for Russian visitors

Finland’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement, announcing that the Nordic country will tighten entry rules for visitors fromFinland Russian Federation.

Starting on July 10, 2023, entry by Russian leisure and business travelers, Russian property owners and Russian students into Finland and transit through Finland to other countries of the Schengen Zone will be restricted.

“Finland will continue to impose restrictions on the travel by citizens of the Russian Federation. Non-essential travel by Russian citizens to Finland and through Finland to the rest of the Schengen area will continue to be restricted for the time being. At the same time, restrictions will be tightened for business travelers, property owners and students,” the Foreign Ministry‘s statement read.

New restrictions apply to entry with a visa in Finland and transit to Schengen area, where the purpose of the stay is a short tourist journey.

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The statement specifies that “business travelers will only be allowed to travel to Finland, i.e. transit to other countries will be prohibited.”

Citizens of Russian Federation, who own any property in Finland “will also be required to provide grounds for their personal presence.”

Russian students “will only be allowed to participate in programs leading to a degree or studies completed as part of a degree.”

“This will exclude participation in courses,” the ministry added.

“The new restrictions will enter into force on July 10, 2023, at 00:00 and will remain in effect until further notice,” the statement said.

If the Finnish Border Guard assess the decision on refusal of entry and the Schengen visa was issued by Finland, the visa will usually be revoked.

If the visa was issued by another EU or Schengen state, the Finnish Border Guard contacts the competent authorities of the issuing Member State when considering the revocation of a visa.

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