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Tock personalizes booking experience for diners around the world

Tock announced Tock Time™—the first of its kind digital concierge service. Tock Time features include: The Wishlist™, InstantBook™, and a brand-new Diner Profile with Dining History, Maps, and Personalized Recommendations—all created to bring the reservation experience into the 21st century.

Tock personalizes booking experience for diners around the world
Tock personalizes booking experience for diners around the world

“Just like Netflix and Spotify customize recommendations for movies and music, Tock will begin personalizing the booking experience for diners around the world,” said Tock CEO, Nick Kokonas.

Reservations systems for the hospitality industry have languished with search and discovery lacking customization or personalization, a focus on telephone interactions, egregious fees, and conflicts of interest. Tock Time brings the focus back to the consumer, updating and innovating the booking experience.

With over 10 million Tock accounts, thousands of unique culinary experiences offered in 30 countries and over 200 cities, and world-class restaurants and wineries on the platform, Tock is in a unique position to revolutionize reservations once again.

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Tock Time begins today with a brand-new Diner Profile, available to everyone with a Tock account free of charge. Features include:

  • Improved user experience for managing existing reservations.
  • Universal hospitality preferences, including dietary restrictions and allergies.
  • Bookmarks for Special Days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
  • Mapped dining and visit history to make it easier for guests to find, remember, and rebook their favorite places.
  • Culinary quizzes diners can use to learn more about their own dining habits and book experiences based on Tock’s smart suggestions.
  • Playful Badges such as Pitmaster, Cocktail Aficionado, and Star Collector make dining out more fun.
  • Culinary Collections™ to empower diners to share their favorite experiences with their friends, privately.

Soon, the Tock Time Digital Concierge will launch with one-of-a-kind services:

  • The Wishlist™ will act as a culinary genie, working digitally to book special occasions at the best, hardest to book restaurants and wineries.
  • InstantBook™ flips new restaurant discovery on its head by showing diners only what’s available soon and easing the booking process to just a swipe. It’s like Tinder for your Tastebuds.
  • The Tock Timeline organizes diners’ past and future bookings, provides personalized reminders of special occasions, and hints and nudges to introduce cool new events and openings in your area.

Andrew Zimmern, Chef, famous “Bizarre Foods” eater, and host of MSNBC’s “What’s Eating America,” greeted the Tock innovations enthusiastically. “As a customer I am beyond thrilled. As a person who got a lot of mileage out of getting friends into restaurants and making recommendations for them, I think I just became obsolete! With the Wishlist, InstantBook, and the real-time updating of personalized recommendations, everyone’s food life is about to get a whole lot better.”

The Tock Time Concierge will launch later this year with pricing to be announced soon. To learn more please visit: and

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