Hyatt Place and Hyatt House reveal findings from Business Traveler Survey

The Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands teamed up with Bill Rancic to celebrate the #WhySettle Spirit Award winners and unveil the brands’ Business Travel Survey findings at Hyatt House New York/Chelsea on Thursday, April 19.

TheÊHyatt PlaceÊandÊHyatt HouseÊbrands have released findings from a Business Traveler Survey, which was conducted online by The Harris Poll and consisted of more than 1,300 adults across the United States, China and India who have traveled for business in the last 12 months (international business travelers), to gain a greater understanding of how business travel can deliver both personal and professional growth on the road. The brands collaborated with entrepreneur Bill Rancic to reveal the survey findings last night in New York City, alongside the winners of the 2018 #WhySettle Spirit Awards.

The #WhySettle Spirit Awards honours hard-working individuals who never settle when it comes to working or supporting the ones they love, and this year’s categories were tailored to three distinct personas that embody the Òwhy settleÓ spirit through relentless drive and ambition:

  • The 24/7 MVPÊÐ business travellers who always manage to make the meeting, make dinner and make it all look easy
  • The Inspiring InnovatorÊÐ business travellers who have taken charge of their careers and follow their own passions to pave the way
  • The Road WarriorÊÐ business travellers who have logged so many miles that even flight attendants know their name

Expanding on its ÒYou’ve Come Too Far to Settle NowÓ platform, the #WhySettle Spirit Awards and Business Traveler Survey celebrate today’s modern business travellers who never settle for Ògood enoughÓ in their careers and should never settle for Ògood enoughÓ when it comes to their hotel stay.

ÒBoth Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels are designed to meet the needs of business travellers and we conducted a survey to further understand the business traveller psyche and how these go-getters think, act and feel while on the road,Ó said Steven Dominguez, vice president of global brands, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House. ÒFrom the way we design our rooms to our balanced menu and craft cocktail options that cater to hard-working professionals Ð we believe our travellers deserve the best and shouldn’t settle for anything less.Ó

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During the survey launch event, Rancic and the #WhySettle Spirit Award winners shared travel tricks and tips that can help business travellers make the most of life on the road. Rancic, a frequent business traveller himself, revealed how he shares similar experiences with other travellers as found in the study.

ÒAs a business traveler, I’m looking for seamless experiences that set me up for success while on the road,Ó said Rancic, ÒHyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels are a trusted launching point and home base for road warriors like me because they are reliable, comfortable and unobtrusive, allowing guests to be as productive as possible.Ó

The Business Traveler Survey provided insight into the mindset of these road warriors, including what motivates them and what they learn during their travels.

  • 77 per cent of U.S. business travellers believe business travel has helped them to communicate more successfullyÊwith different types of people, and that percentage is even greater inÊChina (88 per cent)ÊandÊIndiaÊ(95 per cent).
  • 68 per cent of U.S. business travellers say business travel has inclined them to be more empathic towards others, and this number increases inÊChina (88 per cent)ÊandÊIndia (90 per cent).
  • 59 per cent of international business travellers identify themselves as someone who sees obstacles, not as challenges but as opportunities to grow.ÊMore importantly,Ê92 per cent of employed U.S. business travellers are motivated to advance their careerÊand the percentage is even higher inÊChina (96 per cent)ÊandÊIndia (96 per cent).
  • Among those motivated international business travellers,Êmore are driven by creating a better life for their familiesÊ(48 per cent)thanÊreceiving praise or recognition at work (33 per cent).
  • 77 per centÊof U.S. business travellers believeÊbeing on the road has taught them skills they can use when facing challenges in their personal lifeÊand that number is even higher inÊChina (88 per cent)ÊandÊIndia (90 per cent).

Furthermore, the survey reveals their habits (consisting of adults in the U.S., China and India), including:

  • 22 per cent of business travellers think wearing pyjamas on conference calls is a major benefit of taking business trips that require hotel stays.
  • 27 per cent of business travellers admit they binge-watch showsÊthat they haven’t been able to watch at home while travelling.
  • 26 per cent of international business travellers indulge by having a stiff drink at the barÊwhile travelling.

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