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How interior design reflects the personality of your hotel brand


Imagine as a customer walking into a hotel where you’re paying high-end prices and the dŽcor looks more like a teenager’s bedroom than a sleek, well looked after space. Or maybe as a backpacker, you walk into your hostel to be met by marble floors and extravagant artwork. From the comparison it might seem like an obvious point to make, but it represents why it’s important that the dŽcor and ultimately the first impressions of your business reflect your brand’s personality, price and desired reputation.

Often overlooked in other industries, those in the business of accommodation need to consider interior design a priority. Design, theming, and ambience, and how these elements affect customers’ opinions and experiences need to be viewed as a priority.

With the influence of social media attracting new customers simply from a photograph posted on their newsfeeds, imagine the impact an image of a hotel room can have on someone’s first impression on your business.

Interior design agencies and furniture suppliers can offer advice on how to fill a space, but it’s important that you know your brand’s personality before reaching out and looking for advice. Understand your brand and consider how you’d like the public to perceive it and then start asking questions on how you can fulfill that through the interior design and dŽcor.

Along with this, Greg Ollerhead, Director of OneWorld comments on how lighting can affect the aesthetics of a room,ÊÒLighting is truly the one of the things that can transform a room with the flick of a switch. With the use of smart LED globes that now come in so many colour variations a room can be turned into a warm inviting space or by using a brighter white LED globe it can be edgy and modern.

ÒThe lamp material is also key in determining the feel achieved. We use a lot of metal and glass especially in entrance areas like reception to give that feeling of opulence. This works well in the hallways outside the lifts to give the feeling of luxury. Inside the rooms we prefer to use more natural materials like wood and brass, which get less damaged by guests but also give the feeling of warmth like a room inside your own home.

ÒWith the lighting we are also now incorporating USB charging points into a lot of our standard lamp ranges which has previously only been available on the really high end designer custom lamps. The future of charging will probably be the cordless charging plates which we are working on building into a few lamp designs right now.Ó

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