John Smallwood

About John Smallwood:

A veteran in the hospitality industry, John has owned, developed, and managed hotels for many years.  After earning a BBA from New Mexico State University, he started his career with AT&T, gaining invaluable insight and experience in the early years of the data revolution.  His experience in technology and hospitality merged in his development of Travel Outlook, the world-class hospitality contact center.  More recently, he has branched out with the creation of ExpressRez, the premier contact center for the Bed and Breakfast industry, and with the creation of Annette (formerly “Bella” by Travel Outlook), the first AI-powered voice bot for the hotel industry.

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Interactive Voice Response

Cut labor expenses without sacrificing service

How Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent™ goes above and beyond IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.
Stay Hospitality

Helping the hotel industry’s staffing shortage problems with Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent

Demand for workers has never been higher, yet universal labor shortages persist, causing problems for hotels, despite the sharp rise in travel.
Bella Virtual hotel agent

Stay firmly ahead of guests’ wants and needs

A solution to help secure lifelong returning hotel guests.
Solution for staff shortage

A solution for the hotel industry’s staffing shortage problem

Why today’s travelers place automation over personalization.