Why there is hope amid the despair for the hospitality industry

Consumer expectations, as well as marketing strategies will change as a result of the pandemic, perhaps with a greater focus on domestic customers and a greater concern for the environment. And this new hotel industry will need talent to match the opportunities that will emerge.

hospitality industry must adapt

Learning from Ôold schoolÕ hoteliers

Recently, I had the delightful opportunity to sit down with two Ôold schoolÕ hoteliers. The goal of my interview was to get their perspective on the current state of our profession and see what lessons could be gleaned that are applicable to those of us still in the trenches.

Klaus Tenter

What really works in the hotel business?

According to the 4+2 formula for success in the hotel business, you need good strategy, execution, culture and structure, plus two items in the talent, innovation, leadership, mergers and partnerships categories to perform well.

Success formula
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