Staff are people too

Changing the mindset to consider ‘staff as people too’ could have a significant impact on the creation of guests experiences and at the same time enrich the role of your people to beyond that of just staff.


Is your organizational climate killing you?

Bad organizational climate leads to absenteeism, increased number of sick leaves, wastage of a multitude of man hours, loss in yield – both individual and collective, and a sharp blow to the bottom line.


Surefire ways to kill your business and reputation

Business is built on trust inculcated in the customer for the products the businesses sell. The success factor of any business depends on the brand value that the business promises to deliver to the guest. This value is always defined from the perspective of the guest.

Kitchen chefs

Losing great people is not an option!

Once associates are a part of your team, you are, whether you like it or not, financially and emotionally invested in their future. So, you should do your utmost to ensure that this investment doesnÕt slip away.

quality people
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