What is servitization?

When servitization is done well, it leaves customers feeling cocooned in service provision. Comfortable with a product they can trust and happy to rely on services when they need them, sometimes even before they know they do. 


How to make your guest feel unwelcome

Making someone feel welcome when they arrive is something absolutely fundamental that every hotel staff member should know all about and execute with ease, right? Yet so many people get it so horribly wrong.


Your servers make all the difference

Here is a 5-point plan to ensure that your restaurants have the frontline experience necessary to service delivery at its peak and protect your servers from being poached in the labor shortage situation we currently find ourselves in.


Value luxury as the core guest demand

In this interview Andrew Carey, CEO of Newport Hospitality Group, highlights the necessity of service, and in particular the concept of value luxury, denoting how all guests are discerning, no matter the price.

Andrew Carey CEO Newport Hospitality
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