4 myths about the state of OTAs post-COVID-19

By drastically disrupting the state of the online travel market, the COVID-19 outbreak has given hotels a unique opportunity to take back control over their acquisition channels. Here we debunk four misguided statements regarding the state of OTAs in a post-COVID-19 travel market, from their cost, to their place in hotels’ channel mix, and more.  

OTAs post Covid

New buffet concepts for a post-covid 19 world

If done correctly, creating a new buffet experience in today’s world may differentiate your restaurant, pay off in financial dividends, and offer guests the safety they seek over a la carte service interactions.


The reality of reopening

Hotel operators that can adapt and embrace the enhanced safety as a result of COVID-19 will be most successful. Here are some strategies that can help your property shift from recovery to growth during a challenging time.


There’s nothing wrong with being only a regional resort

While regional resorts have experienced booming occupancies during the summer of Covid when everyone was thinking local, it’s nevertheless important to continually refine your hotel’s raison d’être in order to sustain return visits and regional interest long after borders reopen.

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