How to start a hotel business

It is extremely important you prepare yourself well, do a lot of research and develop a detailed business plan to ensure success. Here’s a detailed look at what you’ll need.

start hotel business

Five tips for the summer after Covid

Now is the time to re-examine your core strategies and take a hard look at your plans for the long-term, as real recovery is coming, and those who prepare will reap the appropriate rewards.

post covid travel

Writing your plan for 2021 starts with the PMS

Forecasting for 2021 is in many ways still untenable, yet despite the widespread uncertainty from the coronavirus, we can still depend on a few trends to guide our approach. Here’s how technology can help you find hidden pockets of revenue.


A budget season like no other

How do we make the most of our planning efforts for 2021 given so much uncertainty? Here are three factors that are important to consider as you face the uncertain future.

budget uncertainty

Ten questions to ask your team for 2019

The key for the upcoming year is to plan for a gradual and continuous change, and the first step towards this is to align with your team. Here are some questions to provide focus to achieving that aim.

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