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GCC projects form backbone of regional hospitality sector

Ongoing projects in the GCC will form the backbone of the regional hospitality industry in the coming years, as the governments of the Gulf countries gradually move towards diversifying their revenue base and reducing their dependence on hydrocarbons. The total estimated value of 1,153 active projects in the GCC’s hospitality industry exceeded $148.4 billion in the first quarter of 2017, according to BNC Intelligence.


Global tourism industry eyes Dubai as ATM begins

The 24th annual Arabian Travel Market (ATM) event has begun at a time of change in the industry. Costly trips abroad for many due to the strong dollar, travel restrictions to the US, and a focus on ÒexperientialÓ travel are all forcing tourism and leisure companies to rethink their approach to the region. Running from April 24-27, ATM 2017 will see travel trade professionals from across the worldÕs hospitality industry descend upon Dubai for the opening day of the event, held at Dubai World Trade Centre.

ATM 2017

UAE hospitality trends: Hotels are still being built

The UAE hospitality industry has achieved stunning results throughout past decade. Every year its progress becomes even more obvious and significant for the whole region economy. In some sectors it has already become trendsetter, so we are curious to know what the top UAE hospitality trends are in 2017.

UAE Atlantis Hotel
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