How privacy protection is changing email marketing

While there is a future for email marketing, hoteliers need to be aware all the changes happening so that they can adjust their strategies accordingly. As privacy and control over data become the norm, first-party data is moving to the forefront.

email marketing

Automated email ideas for the holidays

Here are some great examples of how you can segment your automated emails for the holiday season and provide a really tailored, personalized message for your guests that will drive revenue and engagement.

Automated email for the holidays

The power of email automation

Customers only want to see is information that’s relevant to them, and through smart email automation, every communication can be personalized and relevant to the recipient.

Email automation

English Language for Telephone and Email

The “English Language” for Hospitality series has been developed specifically for the hospitality industry, providing applied English Learning to assist you with your customer and internal communications.

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