Living-well at Spahalekulani


The compelling lecture series encourages guests to embrace and maintain a wholesome and healthy lifestyle while travelling, with hour-long wellness-themed presentations led by the spa’s own lifestyle coach, Kamala Skipper. Living-Well lectures complement SpaHalekulani’s legacy of personalised service to deliver the Ôspirit of aloha.’

ÒA healthy way of life requires more than just a balanced diet,Ó said Kamala Nayeli, Director of SpaHalekulani. ÒOur Living-Well programme is designed to help guests make healthy lifestyle choices every day, beyond their stay at the hotel. With these mindful choices, guests can increase the length and quality of their lives, boost their immunities and also enhance emotional health.Ó

SpaHalekulani’s Living-Well programme provides guests with the tools to self-motivate, self-regulate and create lasting change. Guests can attend complimentary lecture presentations once a month ranging from dietary advice to relaxation tips. All lectures are constructed to lead to transformative experiences that ultimately result in everlasting positive change. From February through December, the upcoming lecture series topics for guests are as follows:

  • March Ð Meditation is an informative lecture aimed at helping guests understand the practice and benefits of meditation.
  • April Ð Color Your Plate is a helpful tool to teach guests about the health benefits of colourful foods and how to incorporate them into daily meals.
  • May Ð How to Be a Stress Superhero is an empowering lesson highlighting a unique approach to combating stress with practical strategies to limit negative mental and physical behaviour.
  • June Ð Self Care for Summer is a creative session where guests learn how to prioritize their well- being to optimize all aspects of life.
  • July Ð Yoga for You is a seminar to help guests understand different styles of yoga and how to practice regularly in everyday life.
  • August Ð Embracing Friendly Fats is an informational lecture on how to eliminate unhealthy dietary fats and replace them with health-promoting fats.
  • September Ð Living Mindfully is an effective tool teaching ways to incorporate mindfulness-based practices into work and relationships.
  • October Ð Aromatherapy 101 is a beneficial presentation informing guests of the healing properties of essential oils.
  • November Ð Simple Recipes for a Busy Life offers a creative approach to cooking with new meal ideas and recipes using five ingredients or less.
  • December Ð Hope, Gratitude and Acceptance is a pivotal seminar on embracing the future, as well as employing positive and productive viewpoints on the past and present.Each presentation will be followed by a bonus round workshop, to empower participants to apply the information to everyday life. To reserve a treatment, please call 808-931-5322. For more information on Halekulani, please visit
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