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Luxury resort

The evolution of the resort

We are very familiar with the resort, vacation and fractional markets, and have witnessed tremendous expansion in the way of international four and five-star hospitality brands developing resorts, fractional vacation ownership assets and private residence resort clubs. As with all things hospitality, the resort, vacation and fractional sectors continue to evolve.Ê


Can new hospitality brand concepts stand the test of time?

All eyes have been on the mergers and acquisitions of hotel brands,Êsuch asÊStarwood Marriott, Accor’s acquisition of Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel, but the trend no one is reporting or talking much about is the influx of new hotel brand concepts. Specifically, hotel brand concepts tied to retail, sports and/or iconic historic figures seeking investors to launch.

mergers and acquisitions

Collaborate and become a company of one

Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed the mergers and acquisitions of not only iconic hotel brands and resorts, but independent boutique hotels and resorts as well. What is interesting to note in these transactions is ownership. Owners and owning companies are now institutional.