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Email ideas that turn lookers into bookers

Email marketing is one of a hotelier’s most powerful tools, but only if their emails are being opened. Hoteliers need to carefully think through what value they can offer through email, and then make sure to give the copy, design, personalization, and automation the attention they deserve.

email marketing

How to use Facebook to improve your hotel’s digital marketing

By fully leveraging the features of your existing tools, you’ll improve your hotel’s digital marketing so that you capture as much business as possible with your existing budget. Here’s what you need to know — and what you need to do right now — to optimize your spend on one of the most widely-used marketing platforms.

facebook events

10 new creative room types to boost revenue

Take advantage of these creative ideas for alternative room types that can enhance your marketability without resorting to discounts. By providing value-added experiences, rather than rate cuts, you’ll bolster the bottom line without damaging brand perception.

creative room types

A comprehensive approach to hotel channel distribution

In order for hotels to navigate today’s shifting distribution paradigm and optimize their channel mix, they must take an in-depth look at the costs and benefits of their channels: direct, indirect, online, and offline. By analyzing these channels, hotels can develop a holistic strategy that creates revenue and profit streams that are sustainable going forward.

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