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How can you pitch to an editor?

If you are a luxury hotel, how do you go about getting featured? With social media and the online version expanding, there are more opportunities for coverage. Cultivating editorial contacts there is key.


Travel media can survive the digital revolution

The rise of digital content has been a real test for travel print media. Consumer habits have changed, and with these changes many brands saw their circulation plunge. However, some print travel media brands have managed to survive against the odds. How? Through innovation, following trends, and creating multimedia platforms.

Travel media

Social media keys to the adventure market

Adventure travel is undeniably one of the most popular trends all over the world and growing by leaps and bounds. Social media and PR are a vital way to highlight your propertyÕs involvement to reap more reservations from this category. Although studies indicate that adventure enthusiasts read online magazines like National Geographic Traveler and Outside Magazine, they also follow their extremely popular Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Therefore, your destination should aim to gain coverage in these kinds of mainstream media outlets as part of a comprehensive PR program.


Tips on successful press FAM trips Ð secure legit journos

Group press FAM trips are an effective marketing tool for travel and lifestyle reporters to experience first-hand a hotel and surrounding destination. The proviso: get top producing writers with assignments to your property, and avoid non-producers, aka freeloaders, at all costs. Your travel PR agency should know whom to invite and which ones to stay away from.Ê


Attracting todayÕs super-affluent market

Luxury travel is one of the most lucrative segments for hotels, but today success depends on offering highly personalized and promotable experiences.ÊA talented PR agency can collaborate with you to create over-the-top journeys that will garner significant media coverage to generate bookings. Does it really matter if no one books the offer if your reservation lines start ringing?

Affluent luxury travelers

Should your PR firm know SEO? Absolutely!

Getting top rankings on Google and the other search engines is the prime marketing objective for hotels in todayÕs digital world.ÊInsight into the logic of GoogleÕs madness is a must for your PR agency.ÊWhile everyone agrees getting high on the search rankings is key in todayÕs Internet-driven environment, why do so many hotels miss the boat?


Attitudes are changing about luxury travel

In an American Express survey commissioned last year, consumers illustrated their demand for more enriched lives and personal fulfilment through experience and learning. Over 72 per centÊof respondents said they would rather spend money on experiences than things. Further, 88 per centÊsaid travel is the number one dream on their lifeÕs bucket list, ranking higher than family or wealth.Ê

Travel enrichment

Why indigenous spa treatments get media attention

From California to the Caribbean the lure of the spa cannot be underestimated in generating media attention. With that comes. Both business and leisure travelers yearn for that massage when they arrive or during their course of their stay, and its in your best interest as a hotelier to curate your spa menu so it as compelling as possible.

Spa facial
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