Lily McIlwain, Author at Insights

GDPR: a checklist for hotels

It’s now underÊ40 daysÊuntil GDPR, or theÊGeneral Data Protection Regulation, comes into force. And though itÕs a European Union law, its likely that hotels around the world will be touched by it.


A/B testing: Hotels vs OTAs

Here’s why independent hotels are unlikely to be able to run statistically significant tests, why hotels and OTAs are on a very different playing field when it comes to testing, and why a 10% uplift in an A/B test doesnÕt translate to a 10% uplift in your bottom line.


Infographic: 12 months of challenge and change

As we approach the midpoint of 2017, itÕs time to pause for a minute and take a look back at the events that have rocked the hospitality industry over the past 12 months. From the acquisitions we all saw coming to the partnerships we never expected, thereÕs been a lot to keep up with. Take a look through our calendar and see if thereÕs anything you missedÉ

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