Five-star service in a contactless world

In the antecovidian times, so much of what encompassed service was high-touch – getting up close with customers to make them feel special. Now that this time-honored practice is anathema, how can properties adapt? Here are some ways to remain high-touch while acting in a no-touch manner.


Looking inward with in-room wellness amenities

Social isolation in 2020 has caused us to become more introspective. We will expect hotels to appease this behavior with new in-room amenities so that we can still have a great guest experience but without strictly relying upon access to onsite (and potentially high contact) facilities to achieve this. Here are some ideas.

wellness amenities

Look Down Under to see what’s ahead

Many countries in APAC have handled the Coronavirus crisis commendably when compared to those nations in other parts of the world. And therein, hoteliers should look Down Under for guidance on what’s next for their properties – international visitor quarantining perhaps?


Growing leisure revenues in an end-to-end contactless hotel experience

Making it easy for guests to book additional services in a contactless manner will not only heighten total revenues and give you deeper data from which to refine your future marketing approach, but it will also help rein in staff costs because manual transfer between disconnected systems is no longer necessary and more prearrival service arrangements will let you better forecast upcoming labor requirements.

contactless hotel experience
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