Growing leisure revenues in an end-to-end contactless hotel experience

Making it easy for guests to book additional services in a contactless manner will not only heighten total revenues and give you deeper data from which to refine your future marketing approach, but it will also help rein in staff costs because manual transfer between disconnected systems is no longer necessary and more prearrival service arrangements will let you better forecast upcoming labor requirements.

contactless hotel experience

How software resolves Covid-related personnel issues

Management software can help to resolve a variety of problems associated with staffing during the next normal by facilitating the proper automation of basic tasks as well as enhancing training auditing and team coordination. Here are three features where software is now critical for hotel operations and employee retention.

personnel software

Rebuilding group guest booking confidence with cleaning tech

To verify that a space is clean and therefore safe, what groups need are technologies to audit, enforce and display compliance. This can only be solved through the deployment of new technologies that may include hardware and software to track a hotel team’s adherence to the required specifications of what areas were cleaned, for how long, with what equipment and how often.


Tactics to keep staycations coming

You will need strong programs in place to motivate leisure guests from the still-critical drive markets to continue to book with you through the coming months. Here are five ideas that are worthy of your consideration.

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