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Five PR myths busted

Let’s debunk the top five most common PR myths to show you how it can help you to market your hospitality business more effectively.


Five tips to boost your corporate and group bookings

A targeted marketing strategy combined with the best possible rates can create a significant boost in group and corporate bookings, and revenue! So, what are the best ways to market your property to group and corporate travel bookers?ÊÊ

Corporate booking

Common pitfalls and pro tips to boost your ROI

In the hospitality industry, there are many opportunities for savvy businesses to use public relations to increase brand awareness with potential customers and, as a result, to boost sales. But for those just getting started, PR can seem very complicated and confusing; however, with a bit of information, youÕll be ready to start generating media coverage for your company.

PR relationships

Which social media platforms should you use to promote your business?

Social media is affordable, easy-to-use once youÕre familiar with the ins and outs of each channel, can be accessed 24/7 and delivers messages to potential customers globally, in real-time. It is changing the way consumers search for and book trips, making it an operational imperative for B2C companies to have a presence on the top B2C-focused social media sites.

Social media platform

The importance of brand awareness for a B2B company

Understanding your audienceÕs motivations and purchasing behavior is the secret to closing more sales. In this article, weÕll discuss the huge impact that brand awareness can have on the success or failure of a sales pitch.


How to update your companyÕs PR outreach

In the past, when most people thought about the public relations profession, they thought of two things: spin and propaganda. Today, some people still hold the outdated view that PR professionals are just paid Ôtalking headsÕ with questionable morality. Being a PR professional myself, I object to this incorrect portrayal of a career IÕm passionate about. That being said, I do understand where this misconception came from.

PR outreach

Drive direct bookings without using direct links

Increasing traffic to your own website is one of the most important factors for a hotelÕs success, as 100 per centÊof all revenue from direct bookings are paid to the property withÊno acquisition cost. It is possible to increase your propertyÕs website traffic by establishing direct links to your site so customers can reach yours via other sites. While this method is efficient, building direct links can be time-consuming and expensive.

Direct bookings
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