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Key considerations for optimizing the guest experience

Today, upwards of 95 per cent of people look to online review sites when making travel plans and before booking their hotel stays. Those who don’t read the reviews are apt to rely on the ratings systems to make their selections. According to estimates, a one-star increase in a hotelÕs rating can translate into a 10 per cent increase in bookings and revenue.

Guest experience management

Why hotels need to turbocharge their service optimization capabilities

Leading hotels have always sought to handle the deluge of guest requests in a satisfactory and time-sensitive manner. The challenge today lies in the fact that guests expect ever-faster responses and ever-better service quality. They also expect a vast array of options for communicating their requests. Hoteliers, in turn, need to meet these expectations. And because the frontier on guest experience management continues to advance, they also need to ensure that they are driving optimal performance improvement on an ongoing basis.


Enabling technologies for hotel guest experience management

What considerations should hoteliers keep in mind when researching technology solutions in the context of guest experience management? The most important buying consideration may be, simply, the degree to which the hotel can automate the core functions that impact the quality of the guest experience, which, in reality, is practically all of them.

Property management

Next-generation revenue management results in additional profit

A celebrated physicist once famously remarked that prediction can be very difficult, especially when it’s about the future. That certainly applies to forecasting demand for hotel guest rooms. With the advent of next-generation revenue management capabilities, however, predicting the future has become a lot easier, more accurate and more profitable.

Revenue management

A roadmap for upgrading your hotel property management system

Property management solutions (PMS) account for the largest portion of the budget for hotel technology investments, according to The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems. ItÕs no surprise, then, that PMS solution providers are continuously enhancing their platform capabilities.

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