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A table for one, please!

As restauranteurs seek new ways to tap into this lucrative and rapidly expanding market of diners, a new study sheds light on the interplay between power, food choices, and crowding in the solo dining context.

solo dining

Unravelling the mystery of Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-Mouth has been always important for tourism and hospitality, but now it is even more relevant as the hospitality industry emerges from the pandemic. Here’s why hotels need to shift their focus from ‘influencers’ to ‘informers’.


Are you adapting at pace with your workforce?

If employers in travel, tourism and hospitality think that their furloughed or laid-off staff have just been waiting for their doors to re-open, they could be in a world of hurt as they welcome their customers back. Many staff won’t return. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

staff retention
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