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What is servitization?

When servitization is done well, it leaves customers feeling cocooned in service provision. Comfortable with a product they can trust and happy to rely on services when they need them, sometimes even before they know they do. 


Resilient Leadership: 6 traits of all successful leaders

Business requires resilient leaders to weather inevitable storms; they will also need a generous helping of human creativity and innovation. Sustainably breathing life back into the economy will call for imaginative solutions driven by resilient leaders. So go forth and get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Resilient Leadership

How will hospitality emerge from the pandemic?

“Welcome back to the new abnormal, how may I help you?” As hospitality emerges, with its lot of winners and losers, from the wreckage of the pandemic, a new industry is emerging where challenges and opportunities await the surviving players.

emerge from the pandemic
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