How hotels can scope out fake ‘influencers’

Just because an “influencer” has a lot of followers on social media and claims to have done all of these impressive accolades, doesn’t meant it’s true. They could just be milking hotels for free stays, fully knowing they can’t provide much value in return.

fake influencers

Recapture direct bookings with specials

The key is to give customers a reason to not want to book anywhere else by providing a special that offers something more than what a guest can receive when booking with an OTA.

Special offer

How to respond to social media backlash

No matter how amazing your hotel may be, it will not be immune to receiving backlash online at some point. Here are some steps to follow when you receive a negative comment on social media.

thumbs down

The Facebook metrics that matter for hotels

While it can be easy to get caught up in metrics that make it seem like the content you are posting is performing well, you may have to dig a bit deeper to find the information you are actually looking for.

Facebook metrics