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Philia Tounta has been working in Tourism sector for 27 years. She has worked in various hotels, travel agencies and unions in Greece and abroad. She has acquired an MBA Degree in the UK Leicester (Employee Relations), a Mini MBA by Torrens University Australia, a Bachelor Degree in Athens (Organizational Behavior & Management), a Diploma in Tourism, a Diploma in CRM, UK, an FMVA Certification, a Certificate in Social Marketing from e-marketing institute Denmark, etc. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian and she is a member of TIES, HTS, Bedposts, etc. She has attended numerous seminars and workshops concerning Tourism and Small Business Management.

Nowadays she lives in Athens and she is a General Manager of Apokoros Boutique Hotel Craft Deco -Apokoros Villas and Three Trees Activities Studio in Crete Greece, a Customer Service Manager at Thamiris Hotel(s) Crete, and Founder of the upcoming Activities web site “meetauthenticcrete.”

She is a Hospitality & Tourism consultant for small medium sized hotels (‘Hotelice’), a Tourism Ambassador in Hellenic Tourist Society, a Reviewer, CAUTHE –Council of Australasian Tourism and Hospitality for its 2020 Book Project, a member of the editorial board of, a provocateur in seminars and she is occasionally speaking in international and local conferences concerning Tourism. Also, she is a freelance author to various online international and local blogs (hotelspeak, hotelexecutive, traveldailynews, ehotelier, etc). Often she participates in discussions in Greek Radio Channels and has been interviewed by various journalists from abroad concerning Tourism issues (National Swiss TV Channel, Radio Crete, etc). She is a member of Youth Entrepreneurship Club in Crete Greece.

  1. Philia Tounta-Mpakogianni PhD (ca), MBA Employee Relations Leicester, MBA Leadership &Management Torrens University, BSc Management Deree, Diploma Digital Marketing-Mexoxo, Diploma Customer Service- Alison, Diploma Hospitality Management-Alison, Diploma Human Resources, Alison Diploma FMVA-Corporate Finance Institute USA, Diploma Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate -Google Digital Garage 2020


  1. Certificate Anger Management-Management Institute of Chicago 2021
  2. Certificate Social Media Marketing- E-Marketing Institute of Copenhagen 2020
  3. Certificate HRM ΚΕΒΕΔΙΜ 2021
  4. Certificate in How to communicate your green practices to grow your business (Grow with Google)2022
  5. Environmental sustainability & good practices of Greek hotels (Grow with Google) 2022
  6. Certificate Small Places Big Dreams (Mexoxo, U.S. Embassy) 2022
  7. Standard Precautions: Waste Management (WHO)
  8. Certificate in Travel & Tourism (ELC Oxford) 2018
  9. Certificate The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google Digital Garage)
  10. Certificate Online advertising through Google Ads (Google Digital Garage)
  11. Certificate Creating a Digital Marketing Plan (Google Digital Garage)
  12. Certificate Basic Principles of Analytics (Google Digital Garage)
  13. Certificate Development of a Strategy for the Management of Social Media (Internisa-ActionAid)
  14. Certificate Digital transformation for SMEs in the Tourism sector
  15. Certificate Website Creation (Google Digital Garage)
  16. Certificate of Understanding Competitive Advantage for Strategy (Torrens University Australia)

Travel & Tourism Ambassador HTS CRETE GREECE (Hellenic Tourist Society)

Sales Ambassador Crete:  Villas n Homes

Destination Crete APP Partner

Seminar Rapporteur (Youth Entrepreneurship Club- Chania, Athens Seminars Center, Aegean, Hotel Training, etc)

Founder of the upcoming

Reviewer, CAUTHE –Council of Australasian Tourism and Hospitality -2020 Book Project

Member of Editorial Board, USA San Francisco July 2018

Member of Editorial Board,

Reviewer Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management North Carolina

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