Michael J. Goldrich
Chief Experience Officer
The Hotels Network

About Michael J. Goldrich:

Michael J. Goldrich is the Chief Experience Officer at The Hotels Network where he is responsible for optimizing the hotelier’s experience as they grow their direct channel by using The Hotels Network’s innovative solutions to attract, engage and convert visitors throughout the online booking journey.

After spending nearly two decades in digital marketing and project leadership for multimillion-dollar brands and startups, Michael knows what truly drives website engagement and conversions – and it’s not by leveraging the marketing trend of the month. It’s how well you connect with the potential guests you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them. Michael has transformed marketing organizations by implementing and optimizing e-commerce and digital capabilities for diverse global businesses including Starwood, Accenture, Monster Worldwide, Wyndham, and The Hotels Network.

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New York City




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