Adam and Larry Mogelonsky
Managing Partners at Hotel Mogel Consulting

About Adam and Larry Mogelonsky:

Together, Adam and Larry Mogelonsky represent the world’s most published writing teams in hospitality, with over a decade’s worth of material online. As the partners of Hotel Mogel Consulting Ltd. a Toronto-based consulting practice, Larry focuses on asset management and operations while Adam specializes in hotel technology and marketing. Their experience encompasses properties around the world, both branded and independent, and ranging from luxury and boutique to select-service. Their work includes seven books “Are You an Ostrich or a Llama?” (2012), “Llamas Rule” (2013), “Hotel Llama” (2015), “The Llama is Inn” (2017), “The Hotel Mogel” (2018),  “More Hotel Mogel” (2020), and “In Vino Veritas” (2022). You can reach them at to discuss how they can help with hotel and hotel technology business challenges.


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