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HotStats provides monthly P&L benchmarking and market insight for the global hotel industry, collecting monthly detailed financial data from more than 8,500 hotels worldwide and over 100 different brands and independent hotels. HotStats provides more than 550 different KPIs covering all operating revenues, payroll, expenses, cost of sales and departmental and total hotel profitability.

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2024 Budget Planning: What Is Top of Mind for Hotel Owners & Operators?

Budget season is upon us, and around the world hotel owners and operators are buried deep in data trying to come up with 2024 performance numbers.

European hotel profit tops 2019 levels

Europe’s hotels are now back to pre-pandemic profit levels with GOPPAR slightly higher than the same month in 2019.
Hotel Food and Beverage profitability

Hotels are filling up. Guest stomachs, too.

There’s an open secret amongst hoteliers: They love the ‘B’ in F&B. The ‘F’? Well, there’s another word that starts with an F they often used to describe it.
Global hotel trends

Macro-level obstacles little match for global hotel industry

The global hotel industry is producing strong performance numbers all against a climate of financial unease.