European Travel Commission (ETC)

About European Travel Commission (ETC):

The European Travel Commission represents the national tourism organisations of Europe. Established in 1948, ETC’s mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of Europe as a tourist destination and to promote Europe in third markets. Our 32-member tourism boards work together to build the value of tourism for all the diverse European destinations through co-operation in sharing best practice, market intelligence and promotion.

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European travel sentiment survey

Europe’s Tourism rebound continues into 2023, driven by strong travel enthusiasm

Europe’s tourism recovery is maintaining its momentum despite economic headwinds, reaching about 95% of 2019 levels of international tourist arrivals. Though inflation and increased travel costs are squeezing consumers’ wallets,...
European travel sentiment survey

Long-Haul Travellers to Europe become more cost-conscious

As the summer season approaches, over 50% of respondents in China, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and the US expressed optimism about travelling overseas. Among them, Europe remains a top choice for...
Miguel Sanz

European Travel Commission elects Miguel Sanz as President

The European Travel Commission (ETC), representing 35 National Tourism Organisations in Europe, announced today that Miguel Sanz from Spain’s National Tourism Organisation has been elected as ETC’s President for a three-year term....
European Travel Commission

European Travel Commission launches climate action plan

The European Travel Commission (ETC) is launching its Climate Action Plan. To address the urgency of climate action, the plan commits to halve emissions generated by ETC’s operations by 2030,...